Here’s another surprise gift from that amazing human being Jack Coleman. The guy is like Santa Claus with invisible dreads. He’s a giver alright and the contact high is palpable. This is his latest offering with some amazing sliding by Ari and his brother Raf. Coconuts and speedos forever!

Jack Coleman calls me up one day and says that Harry Henderson said that we should meet and work to put something together for Jack’s next movie. I said that’s a great idea, here’s some weird boards, have fun and send me something to show my mom on Instagram. This is what he came up with and I think it came out pretty good, except for the parts where I talk out of my ass. Hope you enjoy Rangi’s surfing—he’s just getting warmed up.

I first met Lucas when I moved down to Leucadia in 2008. He was shorter than me back then, but now he’s morphed into a small giant. Deep voice, nice manners. I gave Jack the first Doobie Disc as a gift thinking he would surf it in Newport, but he had other plans for that machine. Here’s some rad footy of Lucas trying out the DD for the first time in chunky LJ.

Our friend Emelyn Reyes asks me one day if I would be interested in giving a board to some guys she knew who were going down to Chile to film. I said sure but who were these dudes and why did they want a 5’1″ ASQ for big cold points? A few months later I got a link to this video shot by none other than legend Jack McCoy, with the ASQ surfed by big wave charger guy Jamie Sterling. Needless to say I had to buy more toilet paper. Thanks guys…hope you had fun! (what ever happened to that board?)

About a decade ago when everyone who didn’t live in San Diego was just discovering the fish, I got an email from a kid in Dana Point who wanted some boards to shoot with. I met John Smart at an art show in Santa Cruz and he said he was working on a new project with this kid and that it would be good see what he could do on one of my quad fish. This little video was sort of the catalyst that would become the ill-fated Tyler Warren Experiments. Unfortunately, the movie never made it past the rough cut, but here’s Tyler making the board shine at Lowers. I hope some day that some of the footage from that movie comes out…there’s a slice of history in there with legends like Terry Martin, the Campbell Brothers, Peter St.Pierre, Chris Christenson, Josh Hall, Ryan Lovelace, and that goofy guy who always surfs Beacons…

I think I used masking tape to stick my Canon G9 to the wall of my shaping room. I would not recommend this. The camera is not dust proof. Maybe some day dusty images will be arty. Anyway, this is me hand-shaping an arc tail quad in the old Moonlight Glassing factory with JP St.Pierre coming in at the end to go over some order cards for a new surf shop he was starting called Surfy Surfy. In some circles, shaping barefoot is thought of as very bohemian and cool.

I met Jesse Faen through Kane Skennar, who I met through Kassia Meador. I think they were all fighting over the first 5’4″ ASQ that I gave to Kassia. Once I made one for Kane, it was just Kane and Jesse fighting over the board. After I started leaving a few ASQs with Jesse, they became friends again but all hell broke loose in the line-up. When he’s not ripping the crap out of LA point breaks on his 5’1″s, he’s looking for bombs on his “step-up” 5’4″s. Thanks for shredding Jesse, and thanks for keeping the ding repair industry alive and well :) Video courtesy of John Smart.

Here’s a clip of Jesse’s first wave on the 5’1″ ASQ—whaaat? Video and commentary by John Smart.